Technology as a tool for transformation.

We connect the largest manufacturers of electronic components to all types of projects, collaborating with innovation in different sectors of society. That’s how we work, based on ethics and on the mission of transforming people’s lives through technology. For 28 years we have been looking for new products all over the world and bringing them to Brazil with fair negotiation to connect you to the most advanced technologies.



Most advanced communication components for IoT projects. LoRA®, Wi-Fi, SiC devices and everything needed for a high-quality project.


Controllers, sensors and other devices for all types of automation projects with full support from our team.

Componentes de Precisão

Sensors for innovative projects, quality and precision, developed by the largest manufacturers in the world.


We distribute electronic components from the largest industries in the world for brazilian territory.

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IoT e sua importância para sociedade
A tecnologia é uma ciência que ainda tem muito a se descobrir sobre ela. Já foram diversas conquistas e realizações na sociedade em busca de trazer inovações que revolucionem o dia a dia do ser humano. Pensando nisso, vamos entender um pouco sobre uma tecnologia que vem se destacando atualmente mas que ainda tem muito […]
How to choose the right microcontroller for your project?
The microcontroller plays a key role in technological revolution that shape modern life. The list of possible microcontroller applications is long: Low-cost wearables, medical equipment, sophisticated consumer electronics, rugged industrial devices, state-of-the-art military and aerospace systems – these adaptable, affordable and easy-to-use components are a well-rounded addition. coming to virtually any electronic product. Given a […]
The Brazilian Internet of Things (IoT) Plan and how it affects the market
The Internet of Things is gaining more space every day. It seems that this caught the attention of the government, which in late June issued a presidential decree establishing the National Internet of Things Plan. The Plan aims to give more space to the development of the Internet of Things in Brazil, encouraging the implementation […]


We negotiate the best conditions with major manufacturers around the world to offer the Brazilian market components that enable great innovations and high-quality technological products.

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