Microchip ATECC608A Secure Authentication with The Things Industries (TTI)

LoRa networks, mainly used in IoT (Internet of Things) projects, have an admittedly safety standard. However its low-power long-range feature encourages the increased use of this technology, and concern for the security of data transmitted between devices and servers.
The two security levels used as default use authentication keys stored on the application and network servers. The concern is that this key store can become a vulnerability, intruders looking for ways to access the stored codes.

Secure Microchip Authentication

This vulnerability motivated Microchip, a worldwide manufacturer of microcontrollers, to develop ATECC608A, an integrated encryption and authentication circuitry that enables secure, protected key storage on the LoRaWAN node and backend, promoting secure authentication by removing authentication keys to software, firmware, manufacturing sites, end users and other third parties.
The process of adding hardware-safe key storage is made easier by using the secure ATECC608A element by pairing it with the The Things Industries (TTI) </ strong> membership server service for complete secure authentication. The corresponding AES128 authentication keys are also hosted and secured on the TTI managed membership servers.

How TTI works

The services industries server architecture makes the security of LoRaWAN connections easy and portable. This service is independent of the network server, independent of the application server and offers the ability to protect your connection.
For secure authentication, when a device identifies itself to a LoRaWAN network, it contacts the The Things Industries server to verify that the source is a trusted device. The derived session keys are then safely sent to your preferred network server and application server. Things Industries membership server supports any LoRaWAN network, from commercially operated networks to private networks built on open source components.
Microchip and The Things Industries have also partnered to make the LoRaWAN integration process seamless and secure. LoRaWAN device identities are claimed by The Things Industries Join Server with minimal intervention, eliminating the need for developers to have security expertise. Customers can not only choose any LoRaWAN network, but can also migrate to any other LoRaWAN membership server by recoding the device. This means that no vendor has full control over where and how the device keys are stored.
The partnership includes a one-year service The Things Industries for each Microchip device, with the option to extend the service after that period.

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