New Microchip SiC family

Microchip will offer a new family of SiC power modules. Initially, families of 700V, 700V and 1200V Schottky Barrier Diodes products will be produced, targeting electric vehicles and high power applications in industrial, aerospace and defense markets.
The discrete components and power modules are then available in different values ??of current, voltage and encapsulation types. They are intended for projects such as external charging stations, on-board chargers, DC-DC converters and transmission / traction controllers.
MOSFETs and Schottiky barrier diodes (SBD) SiC offer more efficient switching at high frequencies and undergo robustness tests at critical levels to ensure reliability. According to Microchip, their SiC MOSFETs also outperformed their competitors in ruggedness tests, demonstrating excellent gate oxide shielding and channel integrity, with little degradation in life even after 100,000 repetitive cycles of UIS (RUIS) tests.
SiC devices are supported by Microchip customer-oriented obsolescence practice, which ensures that devices will continue to be produced for as long as customers need them.
The company’s next generation SiC MOSFETs and Schottky Barrier SiC Diodes (SBDs) are designed with high unlimited inductive switching (UIS) capability, and their SiC MOSFETs maintain high UIS capacity at approximately 10-15 Joule per square centimeter and one Robust protection against short circuit from 3 to 5 milliseconds. The SiC SBDs of the company are designed with balanced values ??of surge current, direct voltage, resistances and thermal capacitances, for low values ??of reverse current, in order to reduce losses by switching. In addition, die SiC MOSFETs and SiC SBDs can be associated to be used in modules.
EV Charging block diagram
700V SiC MOSFETs and the 700V and 1200V SiC Schroeder Barrier Diodes integrate the SiC Microchip portfolio of power modules.
The expanded portfolio is supported by a number of SPICE models, reference designs for SiC Driver cards and Vienna rectifiers with PFCs. All of the company’s SiC power devices are available in production volumes along with their associated support offerings. A variety of die options and encapsulations are available for MOSFETs and SiC diodes.
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